Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Review: eENIK "Oddomatic"

If you ever wondered what Faith No More might sound like today, you need to look no further than "Oddomatic", the new full-length release from L.A.'s eENIK. This interesting band creates wild sonic textures that criss-cross between the boundaries of modern rock, metal, and even a bit of funky jazz. The music ranges from hard and fast (with the occasional cookie monster vocal) to groovy and hip with a touch of electronica. Not one to follow the rules of musical genres (or correct spelling - see some of their song titles), eENIK's singular goal is to be defiant in every way. There is not a lot for most of you pop rockers out there to grab onto, as the intriguing experimentation usually takes priority to a stable, sticky melody, but for those more adventurous readers, eENIK may be the breath of fresh air you've been longing for. Check out "Animals At Play", "Just For Men", and "Perfeck Contak".

If you like Faith No More, Chronic Future, or Incubus, you should be looking into eENIK.

eENIK on MySpace. Official site.

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