Sunday, January 31, 2010

Review: Brian Mackey "Brian Mackey (Red CD)" [EP]

Fans of the lighter side of rock and powerpop will thoroughly enjoy Brian Mackey. His vocals and songwriting style are very reminiscent of James Blunt, but perhaps a bit more melodic. His new "Red EP" features four tracks, beginning with the mellow but lovely "Painted Red". This is followed by "Come Out of the House", a more upbeat but just as catchy love song, showcasing more of his infectious harmonies. "Patty Brown" is not a bad song, but wasn't one worth writing home about to me. The fun closer, "Radio", is essentially a tribute to the genre he loves and endeavors to 80s powerpop. He highlights names like Cheap Trick and Joan Jett while grimacing at Michael Jackson and Oingo Biongo - so if you share this musical taste, Brian Mackey is going to bring back some memories for you. "Radio" could easily be our theme song here at BMF!

Brian Mackey on MySpace. Official site. Get some.

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