Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rare CD: Relient K "All Work & No Play"

"You are bidding on a copy of Relient K's first ever demo release "All Work & No Play". This CD was made in 1998 and self-released by the band. This was made and released before they ever signed to any record label. It contains several songs on future releases with different verses. It also contains several songs that have never been release on any other CD. I have searched eBay very often and have NEVER even seen a copy of this CD for sale nor met another individual that actually owned it. I am not sure of the number of these that were released, but judging by my experience with people even knowing about it, the number is extremely limited.

Artist: Relient K
Title: All Work & No Play
Year of Release: 1998
Track Listing:
1) K Car
2) I'm Lion-O
3) Staples
4) Marilyn Manson Ate My Girlfriend
5) Cojack
6) My Good Friend Charles
7) Register
8) Be Rad
9) C.U.R.B.
10) William
11) Softer To Me"

CD is EXTREMELY rare and it is very rare to even find one being sold.

Sold for $115.09 on ebay (28 bids)

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Eric Dean said...

hey my name is Eric and i realy realy want this cd, i googled it and looked everywhere for it and this is the closest iv come. do you have another copy or have someone that owns it and would like to sell it? if so please email me and info you have on how i could get a copy of it at