Sunday, September 27, 2009

TV that rocks: "Fame" Seasons One and Two on DVD

“Fame! I’m gonna live forever!" was being sung in many a shower during the early 80s, but with no one quite capturing the finesse and grace of Irene Cara. Her inspirational song helped make her movie of the same name a huge success. The song went on to win an Academy Award and Golden Globe for Best Original Song and helped to launch Cara's career as a pop star. The success of the movie also spawned an equally successful television series that ran for six seasons between 1982 - 1987. While Cara did not reprise her role, Debbie Allen, Gene Anthony Ray and Lee Cureri did, supported by a very talented set of new actors and dancers. The first two seasons are now available as a nine-disc set (38 episodes) on DVD as of September 15 from MGM Home Entertainment. Fans of pop music and dance, quality television dramas, or those just nostalgic for the 80s won't want to miss this.

“Fame” Seasons One and Two Synopsis:
Known for its outstanding choreography and popular original songs, the critically acclaimed 1980’s hit earned rave reviews and garnered multiple awards, including a Golden Globe for best TV series comedy/musical in 1983 and again in 1984, instantly establishing a dedicated fan base across the world. Based on the beloved motion picture with the same name, “Fame” brings drama, music and dance to life; Emmy-award winning choreographer Debbie Allen stars as Lydia Grant, a faculty member who guides the gifted students through discouragement and disappointment as they struggle for a spot in the cutthroat entertainment industry. Ultimately, they learn that although there are many set backs on the treacherous road to stardom, they must follow their dreams to achieve fame. Filled with exciting dance sequences and original musical numbers, this double-set includes all 38 original episodes from the first two seasons.

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