Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New video: Boh Runga featuring Serj Tankian "Be Careful"

We thought the debut CD from New Zealand's Boh Runga was fantastic (check it out here), so wanted to let you know about her new video for the great song "Be Careful", which made our famous "iPOD-worthy" list. "Be Careful", a song about starting over, is her duet with System of a Down front man Serj Tankian. The video follows some more info on Boh.

"The song is off Boh's U.S. album debut 'Right Here' which was released digitally in July. Well known in her Native Zealand as the front woman of Stellar (one of New Zealand's most popular bands), and as the designer of the hugely popular Birdland jewelry line, Boh has assembled and eclectic and talented group of collaborators for her U.S. solo debut. The album includes performance collaborations with Serj Tankian and Greg Laswell, and writing collaborations with Wendy Melvoin (Prince and the Revolution), Whiskeytown's Mike Daly, Kevin Savigar, Rod Stewart's songwriter and Shelly Peiken who wrote 'Bitch' for Meredith Brooks and also 'Genie in a Bottle' for Christina Aguilera".

Check out the video:

Boh Runga on MySpace. Official site.

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