Friday, September 4, 2009

Review: hyperstory "hyperstory"

The debut CD from hyperstory strikes me as a bit of a throwback to the classic days of LPs that were meant to be digested whole. Scott Blevins is the man behind this story, who intentionally recorded the tracks at a wide variety of places around L.A. in order to create a diversity of sound. He describes the music of hyperstory as "genre bending, with live instrumentation, programming, ambient textures and unique performances all playing a part."

The nine tracks on the disc are a heady mix of instrumentals and interludes with some pretty straight forward pop rock containing a dash of electronica. I am not a huge fan of instrumentals, and this record doesn't change that much, with exception of the very groovy track, "Ascension". This one makes me feel like a cop driving the backstreets in the 70s, having an epiphany about a cold case. The retro feel and wicked bass line just ooze coolness and will be my new theme song to play on the way to work each day. Additional standouts include the mellow "Will It Ever Change" - very Pink Floyd - as well as "A Recokoning", which is a soaring and upbeat piece of tasteful pop.

A mix of influences and genres - "artertainment" - hyperstory is not for everyone or every occasion, but is good to have on hand for when the moment is right. The album comes out November 10. In the meantime, why not get on the mailing list and be rewarded with a free mp3 of "a happening"?

iPOD-worthy: 5, 6, 8

hyperstory on MySpace. Official site.

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