Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Review: The Brigadier "Time Is A Wound"

Loyal readers of this blog know our fondness for The Brigadier, the UK-based pop singer/songwriter also known as Matt Williams (see here). Following a string of impressive releases of indie Brit-pop, The Brigadier is back already with his third full-length record, bringing more infectious melodies and harmonies into the world.

The thing that stands out for me the most on "Time Is A Wound" is that The Brigadier can rock! This time out, Williams is more liberal than ever with the electric guitar, which really works on some of these tracks and takes them to a whole new level. You'll notice this right away with the rambunctious opener, "I’m Gonna Make You Mine Missy", which is my favorite track on the CD. The rocking guitar is a refreshing twist on his usual formula of gentle and sweet indie pop. But long-time fans need not worry...there is plenty of the typical Brigadier sound to be found on his latest effort. Even in the rocking "I’m Gonna Make You Mine Missy", there are still his trademark harmonies, hand claps, catchy melodies, and sunny keys.

A strong suit of "Time Is A Wound" is the mix of jubilant pop rock with moody atmospheric pieces. Yet, despite this diversity, every tune remains wholly recognizable as a Brigadier song. For instance, "Why Don't You Love Me" is rich with elements from 70s pop funk and R&B, but the ELO-like harmonies bring it all home to Brigadier territory. The record is not without its quiet, reflective moments, such as the harpsichord enhanced "Wrong By You" and "The Insomnia", as well as the haunting "Watch Me Cry".

In addition to the outstanding "I’m Gonna Make You Mine Missy", I'd highlight the bouncy piano-driven number, "Oh, Paddington", the McCartney-esque "Traditional Lovesong", and acoustic driven (and aptly titled) "Something Good". You also have to check out the lyrically interesting title track, with lines such as "Time heals all wounds...that ain't true when time is the wound". Bringing in rock, pop, folk, this track is another example showcasing the extraordinarily diverse musical talents of Matt Williams...long live The Brigadier!

iPOD-worthy: 1, 2, 5, 8, 10, 12, 13

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