Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Review: Archie Powell and the Exports "Loose Change" [EP]

The new EP from Archie Powell and the Exports, "Loose Change", is loose, raw, and...downright fun. Each song has a core of pop, but Archie Powell and the Exports cover it with enough grit that it is almost disguised. The result is an exciting foray into what I would classify as modern roots rock.

Lead off track "Moving To The City" exemplifies their style - a hook-filled chorus flanked with Wilco-esque attitude. On "Mattson Is A Flake", the low end is cranked up in the chorus, pounding on your ears and demanding your attention. Most of their songs follow a similar dynamic, making this tactic a bit of a trademark for the band - the EP only has 5 songs, so it doesn't get old. The title track is another highlight, with some old country piano accenting the verses until that trademark low end guitar tone comes crashing in during the chorus. For you fans of 50s cover tunes, they end things with an upbeat, acoustic-based cover of Bobby Freeman's "Do You Want To Dance".

Archie Powell and the Exports are taking alt-country to a whole new level of cool, putting a more aggressive and modern spin on the genre. If you enjoy Wilco, Uncle Tupelo, Son Volt, or gritty pop rock of any kind, you owe it to yourself to invest a little time in checking out this EP from Archie Powell and the Exports. The price is right..."Loose Change" is being offered as a FREE download on their MySpace page!

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Archie Powell and the Exports on MySpace. Official site.

Check out the video for "Loose Change":

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