Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Review: Didn’t Planet “We’re Goin’ Nowhere”

Power pop

“We’re Goin’ Nowhere” is the debut album from the four-piece power pop band called Didn’t Planet. Didn’t Planet hails from Boston and possesses the songwriting skill of Material Issue and sense of humor of Bowling For Soup.

“We’re Goin’ Nowhere” is a sympathy valentine to musicians who long to play originals but have to make ends meet by being in a cover band. With lyrics such as “Maryanne wants to hear Duran Duran from a friendly neighborhood cover band” and “I’m like a marathon runner encased in cement”, the sentiment is clear. Each song is a little window into that bittersweet situation, with amusing interludes in-between. The fun the band had putting this collection together is palpable and contagious. But don’t let the light-heartedness fool you – these guys know their craft. “We’re Goin’ Nowhere” sparkles with radiant harmonies and super catchy melodies. Standout tracks include “Maryanne(s)”, “California”, and the melancholy track “Bitter”. With a roadhouse boogie feel, “Kinda Got It Goin’ On” is also a fun diversion, as is the folky closer “Someday I Might”.

Didn’t Planet – Official site.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recommend, I love these guys! Worth a listen for anyone who has ever been in a scene.