Monday, September 10, 2012

Melodic rock CD of the week: Y & T

By Stephen Kasenda

Y&T “In Rock We Trust” (1984)

Y&T, or also known as Yesterday & Today, reached their first commercial milestone in 1984, after the groundbreaking release of "In Rock We Trust", which shot their name to the surface. This is the band's highest charting and bestselling album, racking up gold status, and becoming the only album that penetrated the Canadian chart. The concept of this album was to polish their hard rock foundation with a glam metal touch popularized in the mid-80s.

In my opinion, the strongest tracks of the album are: "Rock And Roll's Gonna Save The World", an AC/DC-soaked opener with an anthemic and fiery chorus; "I'll Keep On Believin'", a Survivor-like power ballad with a huge sing-along chorus; "Don't Stop Runnin'", an up-tempo stadium-chanting track with a gigantic and memorable chorus; and the passionate ballad, "This Time", which is also a very well written song.

There are several other good tracks such as "Masters and Slaves", "Break Out Tonight!", and "Lipstick And Leather", which has a thick Kiss vibe. The album has a couple of fillers such as "Life,Life,Life" and "She's A Liar", which lessen the total value of the album. However, with a bowl of hot hits, "In Rock We Trust" remains a great piece of history in the band's career and a great pick for fans of hard rock/glam metal.

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