Thursday, September 20, 2012

Review: Honeymoon Stallions “Moonlighting”

Power pop

I learned a thing or two listening to The Goldbergs (reviewed here) – and that is to pay attention to anything Andy Goldberg touches. His latest project is The Honeymoon Stallions and their first offering is “Moonlighting”.

Recorded in Nashville with local musicians, “Moonlighting” doesn’t stray far at all from the tasty pop formula Goldberg has followed all along. Stuffed to the brim with overt influences from The Beatles and Badfinger, this debut Honeymoon Stallions record will appease his old fans and hopefully recruit many new ones to the fold. This is perhaps most evident on the instantly hummable opening track, “If It Wasn’t For You”, which shines with classic AM radio overtones. The other 8 songs in this collection follow suit, with highlights including the radio friendly (naturally) “Radio Song”, the chillin’ “Driftin’”, and the very Lennon-esque “Every Now and Then”. But go beyond the highlights – each song is beautifully constructed, with stirring harmonies and cozy melodies – not a bad one in the bunch.

The Honeymoon Stallions – Official site.

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