Friday, September 21, 2012

Review: The dB’s “Falling Off The Sky”


The beloved indie power pop band, The dB’s, are back with their original line up and a new album after three decades. “Falling Off The Sky” is an amazing return that captures the youthful energy of the 80s yet also showcases the band’s maturity. The dB’s were always ahead of their time, but “Falling Off The Sky” feels like they’ve gone back in time and recaptured the magical chemistry that is usually exclusive to debut records.

The new record opens with great vitality – “That Time Is Gone” is a gritty, melodic rock tune with a bass line that just bites into the rhythm and shakes it back and forth. “Before We Were Born” is another driving rocker that is instantly charming. Horns augment the radiant tune, “The Wonder of Love”, while graceful songs like “Far Away and Long Ago” rest on a pillow of cozy strings. Additional highlights include the jangle pop of “World To Cry”, the tempting sing-a-long “Collide-oOo-Scope”, and the earnest acoustic ballad “I Didn’t Mean To Say That”.

“Falling Off The Sky” gets better with each spin and it won’t be leaving my player anytime soon. The melodies are so perfectly crafted that “Falling Off The Sky” should be textbook for pop songwriters. Hands down one of the best releases of 2012, not to mention the most welcome reunion.

The dB’s – Official site.

Check out a live performance of “That Time Is Gone”:

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