Wednesday, August 22, 2012

You Were Robbed – Dog Society

"You Were Robbed" features artists and bands that should have gotten much more recognition and fame than they did. Check them out now...better late than never!

I have a lot of sympathy for musicians and bands that tried to make it in the mixed up musical times of the early 1990s. The rise of grunge and difficulty of genuine rock bands to distance themselves from the hairband stigma made it doubly hard to find an audience. The debut record from Dog Society, “Test Your Own Eyes”, probably didn’t rise above the radar because of these environmental reasons – it surely couldn’t have been because of poor songwriting or lousy musicianship or lack of creativity. 1993’s “Test Your Own Eyes” is one of the few records from that era that still sounds great to my ears.

The first single was “Love Is All Gone”, a rousing anthem that is as catchy as it is smart. Radio should have found a home for this little nostalgic funk rock tune in-between the noise of Nirvana and Stone Temple Pilots.

Other highlights include the stormy opening cut, “When You’re Dead”, the gritty “Time To Go”, and the funk-rock mash up of “Blind To the Fact”. And while it sounds better on the record, here is a live version of the excellent melancholy ballad, “Word Salad”.

“Society Dancer” is another epic cut from the record, a seductive mid-tempo ballad.

So go check out this critically acclaimed band now – you can get the CD for pennies. Our spotlight on this band could not have been better timed – after two decades the band will be releasing their long, long-awaited follow-up called “Emerge”, due September 25. Watch this space for our review!

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