Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Review: Empire Of One “Empire Of One” [EP]


Empire Of One is a modern rock band led by Wil Seabrook, and they’ve recently released a self-titled EP of five songs. These songs sizzle with a seductive lure that reminds me of the sultry rock style Dishwalla made famous in the 90s. No stranger to the industry, Seabrook has accomplished a lot to date, with tours throughout the US and Europe, sharing the stage with bands such as Sister Hazel and Dave Matthews Band. His career has enabled him to work with producers like Lior Goldenberg (Sheryl Crow/Macy Gray) and his killer performance qualities landed him a role as a contestant on CBS' hit series “Rock Star: INXS”.

The first single is “Roam”, which reminds us to remember who we are no matter where we've journeyed. Seabrook’s voice has a soaring quality that is both gripping and soothing. The power of the music is not in the pace, but in the melody. “If I Let Myself” is another highlight with a chorus as cozy as a pillow under your head. All of these songs have a soulful rock vibe, but it comes through strongest on the emotive “Better Than”. The EP closes with the punchiest tune in the batch, “I’m Still Here”.

These are slow-burning modern rock songs that won’t make you want to bang your head, but will have you nodding along in agreement and wanting more. Check them out if you like Train, The Fray, or Dishwalla.

Empire Of One – Official site.

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