Thursday, August 16, 2012

Review: Elevator Art “Tent City” [EP]


Elevator Art is a 6-piece band from New Jersey that blends elements of Jethro Tull, Sleeper Agent, and Fleetwood Mac into a mix that sounds fresh and new. Their new EP, “Tent City” takes its name from a large local camp in Lakewood, NJ where the surrounding homeless communities have congregated. These six tunes deliver biting social commentary with fuzzy vintage riffs and unpredictable genre shifts that should strike a chord with classic and modern rockers alike.

The introductory tune “Good Morning” not only sets the musical stage, but alerts you right up front that this band is raising the bar on lyrics. A stomping backbeat perks us up as it ushers in “Tent City”, whose lyrics launch us back in time to when rock music was socially conscious. “Killing Time” is a mini rock opera complete with flute solos that tip a hat to Jethro Tull. “Wind-Up Toys” is perhaps the most accessible and energetic rocker, featuring a far out acoustic break and harmonious coda. “Tent City” is an ambitious record and not everything works perfectly, but no one can deny the exciting originality of the band and its sound.

Elevator Art – Official site.

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