Monday, August 20, 2012

Melodic rock CD of the week: Babylon Bombs

By Stephen Kasenda

BABYLON BOMBS “Babylon’s Burning” (2010)

“Babylon’s Burning” is the fourth album from the Swedish glam act, Babylon Bombs, and this one caught me by surprise. I suspected their music to be in the modern glam corridor, which I can appreciate, but they blew me away with a solid set of good old commercial sleaze. This album is like a rough mix of Faster Pussycat, Hanoi Rocks, and Trixter. Worked on by Chris Laney, you can always expect a big and satisfying sound in the production department.

“Liberation” didn’t really impress me much as an album starter, but the title track does them a favor. The melodic verse and addictive hooks of that song kept me sitting on the edge of my seat for their next offering. “Resurrection Love” is like a lost Hanoi Rocks from their “Two Steps” era. “Nobody’s Home” is their best creation – a fantastic up-tempo hard rock anthem in the style of classic GNR - Babylon Bombs are at their very best here. The happy vibe of “Angel Eyes”, the great radio friendly ballad “It’s Alright”, and the 70s Aerosmith feel of “Anywhere The Wind Blows” are just marvelous. The rest of the album is just mind-boggling, from the commercial melodic rock of “Winding Road”, the sleazy “Rattle My Bones”, and the anthemic “Goodbye Good Luck”…the whole bunch definitely are diamonds.

Honestly, I haven't heard their previous albums, but will probably check them out soon. “Babylon’s Burning surely will hook you in a minute if you’re into late 80s sleaze metal. Great vocals, explosive guitars, nicely composed songs, and awesome production. I give this a solid nine for a job well done, kudos Bombs!

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