Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Review: Late Cambrian “Social Season” [EP]

Indie rock

Late Cambrian is an indie rock band out of Brooklyn formed by John N. Wlaysewski, who you may remember from our 2009 review of Flying Machines (reviewed here). Late Cambrian has been compared to Weezer in numerous articles and album reviews. Their lyrics tend to be existential in nature, tackling subjects such as aging, the cult of celebrity, and being a shut in. They bring a thoughtful approach to songwriting, with many of the songs going through tempo and key changes when it serves the song’s higher purpose.

The new EP “Social Season” features five tunes of indie rock goodness, tilting more towards the melodic end of the spectrum. Lead off track “Ryan Gosling” is a good example of this, with its thumping bass and percussion driving a very catchy verse. The “whoa-oh oh’s” comprising the chorus are certainly hummable and add to the charm of this track. “Trash Show” and “Hand Stamp” are serviceable, but the true standout is “Song 11”. “Song 11” is the most accessible in the batch, with its bouncy and jubilant verse leading up to a very memorable chorus with more of those “oh oh’s”. I wish there were more like it. The only disappointment here is the closing track, “Saint James”, which is an experimental instrumental jam. Their music is available on Itunes, Amazon and CD Baby – go check it out today.

Late Cambrian – Official site.

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