Monday, July 16, 2012

Melodic rock CD of the week: Jettblack

By Stephen Kasenda

JETTBLACK “Raining Rock” (2012)

'Raining Rock' is a valiant effort by the British glam hero, JETTBLACK, giving their fans an album full of variety. It is highly riff-oriented, but still accessible while retaining the raw and aggressive feel of the debut. In my first spins, I found that a couple songs just didn't work and perhaps were a little lower in quality compared to most songs on the debut. The title track, for example, made me wonder “is this really the best pick to start the CD? It seems kinda patchy”, but then after several concentrated listens, you'll find it's a galloping and energetic track - a great kicker!

'Prison of Love' is a beautiful commercial track and, together with 'Never Gonna Give It Up', you have the two radio gems of this album with big potential to score a respectable chart position in their home country. I admire the riffs in 'System' and 'Temptation', both are also very good songs, but 'Something About This Girl' and 'Sunshine' are even better. JETTBLACK pull up a nice ballad in 'Black Gold' but I have doubt in 'The Sweet and The Brave'.

If you can grab the limited edition, the bonus track, 'Weapon', is an ultimate track, worth every penny you spent, because it's one of the best tracks here, but all in all, you can't find any bad tracks here and it's a pretty good follow-up to the debut. Maybe I slightly prefer the debut, however I don't see no reason to not own this beast if you dig that album. Amazing stuff!

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