Monday, July 30, 2012

Melodic rock CD of the week: Eclipse

By Stephen Kasenda

ECLIPSE “Are You Ready To Rock” (2008)

This Stockholm-based melodic rock/metal act fronted by the talented Erik Martensson finally released their third album, "Are You Ready To Rock" in 2008 after their first album with Frontiers Records, "Second To None", four years earlier. The music is a blasting experience, cranking up the quality. Imagine Whitesnake's "1987" mixed with Europe's early heavy metal side and you get a pretty good idea of how they sound.

The first three tracks will drop your jaw - "Breaking My Heart Again" explodes like Whitesnake's "Bad Boys", "Hometown Coming" has a pumped-up tempo and raises the bar with a superb chorus, and "To Mend A Broken Heart" chops in with modern riffs before flying high again with a soaring chorus. "Wylde One" is a strange, sleazy title, but a killer song indeed. "Under The Gun" has a bit of a neoclassical piece at the chorus and is another a great track. "Unbreakable" is much more radio-friendly and my most fave song of the album, perhaps the best tune with an unmistakable perfect chorus. "Million Miles Away" is a huge commercial melodic metal tune with overwhelming riffs - another flawless attempt by the band.

I love this album from start to finish. Beware there is no ballad for the tender hearts. Eclipse values the volume, the distortion, the unmerciful fast tempos, but still retains the balance with enough melodic and commercial ingredients. "Are You Ready To Rock?" is a question raised for those who want to raise their fists and yell "Hell Yeah We Are!" This is one of 2008's highlight records, five stars, no doubt!

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