Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Review: Joshua Ketchmark “Dreamers Disease” [EP]


“Dreamers Disease” is the second release within a series of three EPs being completed by modern rocker Joshua Ketchmark. “Dreamers Disease”, dropping July 17, exudes more of an alternative country-rock feel, underscored by the Nashville flavored track, “Should Have Been”. The EP was recorded at 1 Tree Studio in Nashville and features appearances from Nashville players such as Tony Paoletta (Pedal Steal; Dixie Chicks, Travis Tritt) and Dave Webb (Bass; Randall Bramblett, Sugarland). Inspired by short-lived romances and fervid moments when your childhood crashes head first into adulthood, “the Dreamers Disease” aims to capture the attention of youthful dreamers and hopeful wanderers alike.

The first single, "Saving Grace" is a summer anthem begging to be played on your next road trip. “Saving Grace” is laced with Bon Jovi influences, sounding like a leftover track from their “Lost Highway” sessions. “Mason Jar” is not as accessible in the melody department, but is a potent riff-oriented rocker in the style of Lenny Kravitz. As mentioned, “Should Have Been” is the song with the most overt country influence and this mid-tempo treat has a very satisfying hook. “Step Back” closes this EP with a breezy ballad that begins with some gentle strumming before expanding into an emotive epic.

Joshua Ketchmark – Official site.

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