Thursday, May 3, 2012

Review: John Taglieri “Lucky #9” [EP]


On April 17, the unsung hero of working class rock and AOR, John Taglieri, released an EP called “Lucky #9” (Leap Dog Music). In his own words, he states, “I approached this EP a little differently. Being my ninth release, I think I am more in tune with what I wanted to say as an artist. I wrote songs that really meant a lot to me right now in life and tried to tell stories that would connect. Using my new studio and working with Lee [Lee J. Turner, who has production credits that include Darius Rucker, Jewel, Leann Rimes, and Bo Bice] again was awesome as well. There was a great vibe throughout the whole recording process. I'm very proud of 'Lucky #9', and I hope people enjoy it.”

We last heard from John not that long ago via his new band project, TAG (review here). The prolific singer/songwriter/producer makes a strong return with “Lucky #9”, although I don’t think John’s success has much to do with luck…he is one of the hardest working in the business and deserves the success. Speaking of which, upon its release, “Lucky #9” rocketed straight into the Adult Alternative charts, landing at #2 in the Hot New Release charts and #20 on the sites overall AA Chart. The single "Make Me Believe" has hit the top of the AA Hot New Releases, taking over the #1 position on the singles chart, as well as the #13 spot on AA Overall Best Seller charts, alongside Matchbox 20, The Fray, John Mayer, Sara Bareilles, Ray LaMontagne & Ingrid Michaelson. Not only that, but the track "Dying Alive" is currently sitting at #3 on the AA Hot New Releases chart.

The new songs largely contain the signature modern rock sound we expect from Taglieri – a mix of Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen. But this time there is a touch of country in some spots due to John’s recent collaboration with Nashville artists. First single and opening track, “Losing Me” is my instant favorite thanks to its mix of acoustic verses and an energetic, catchy chorus. Other highlights include the radio-friendly ballads “Without You” and "Not Gonna Be My Life." “Make Me Believe” is also not be overlooked – a sincere and peppy love song. As usual, the lyrics in John’s new songs speak to everyday themes most people can connect with easily.

Lucky #9 can be purchased on Amazon and iTunes.

John Taglieri – Official site.

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