Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Review: Art Kenyon “Cocoon” [EP]

Alternative rock
Art Kenyon is a singer/songwriter hailing from Vancouver, and he’s just released his emotive debut EP, “Cocoon”. A former psychology/philosophy major, his music is infused with rich, contemplative lyrics, set to a soundtrack of generally dark and moody rock. The grungy undertones and use of distorted vocals fit the themes of these six songs, but what makes the EP truly engaging are the subtle hooks buried under the dirt and dust.

The title tracks kicks things off and is one of the strongest in the batch – a groove driven song, this one sinks in faster than the others. “Cocoon” explores the obstacles we encounter through each phase of our life. “The Way They Try” features more introspective lyrics about existence, and the bed of guitars is draped with some experimental sounds. “This Girl’s Trouble” doesn’t really have a great hook or melody to latch on to, but there is something hypnotic about this haunting tune that makes you want to hear it again and again (check out the video below). “Tuesday Night” finds Kenyon in more of a laid back coffeehouse mode – the acoustic strumming and handclaps make it one of the more accessible numbers and is sure to have wider appeal. Riffing off some Shakespeare, “Juliet” is a crushing rock song that gets your pulse going before the comparatively gentle closer, “Always”, calms you down.

Art Kenyon has the poetic swagger of Jim Morrison and is cultivating a blend of alternative and modern rock that seems destined to break ground in new sonic territory.

Art Kenyon – Facebook.

Check out the video for “This Girl’s Trouble”

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