Monday, May 21, 2012

Melodic rock CD of the week: Destine

By Stephen Kasenda

Destine “Illuminate” (2012)

I'm completely stunned with DESTINE's latest album, 'Illuminate', which really combines enchanting melodic rock with a twist of modern element. The band builds a perfect bridge to accommodate both fans from the 80s and the young generation of the 2000s. The balanced mix of uptempo and energetic tracks with ethereal ballads make 'Illuminate' a strong contender to stay on top of the mind of this genre's fans.

'Four Leaf Clover' is a massive start but 'Stay' kicks the ball even higher. The band sways into slower territory with 'All The People', a beautiful downtempo moment. It’s not really their best offering but I find it quite satisfying. 'Wait Forever' is flawlessly brilliant. I love everything from the splendid intro to the bombastic chorus. 'Thousand Miles' is another ballad pick and I think it's better than 'All The People'.

On the second half, I'm seeing an even better game played by the band. 'Unbreakable' is a solid fast-paced track, 'Best Kept Secret' has a different vibe with a slow start before erupting with an awesome beat, and the last two tracks are definitely winners. The production is also great and some folks might think this band is too young and light for their taste, but sweet melodies are the main attraction here and if you're into that thing, 'Illuminate' is one of the best picks of this year!

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