Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Review: Fallon Cush “April”


Fallon Cush returns in June with the release of his second album, “April”, which follows an acclaimed debut we reviewed in October, 2011 (review here). The songs on “April” set a different tone, as described in the words of singer/songwriter Steve Smith, "The record is really about reconciliation, fresh starts, tearing down walls, and building bridges”. In addition to exploring new lyrical themes, the musical styles on “April” flirt heavily with the type of Americana rock Tom Petty popularized.

Rounding out Fallon Cush are Scott Aplin (keys), Chris Vallejo (bass) and Josh Schuberth (drums, bass). With Glen Hannah on guitar and renowned vocalist Lily Dior on backing vocals, and mastering completed by Greg Calbi (Bruce Springsteen, John Lennon, The Antlers), the songs have a refreshingly organic feel not unlike the past couple Black Crowes records.

“April” begins with the spritely tune, “It’s Line”, which radiates radio-friendliness with its bright verses and catchy chorus – one of my favorites from Fallon Cush. “Honey Honey” also makes a favorable first impression with its simplicity and charm. The soulful delivery of “Sight To Remember” gives the song a distinctive Joe Cocker vibe. I loved how the breezy feel of “When You Say” was followed by the feisty charge of “Renegade Blues”. Finally, be sure not to overlook the beautiful “Where Your Name Is Carved”, which brings some piano into the mix along with some spectacular harmonies.

Overall, “April” represents a big step forward for this band – catch them while they are in bloom.

Fallon Cush – Official site.

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