Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Review: The Wellingtons “In Transit”

I’m really glad I listened to this one before the end of the year or else I would’ve had to revise my highlights of 2011 list, which will be posted soon. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, The Wellingtons have released 3 albums in 7 years, drawing comparisons to the likes of fellow powerpop icons like Fountains of Wayne and The Posies. Their latest is a near masterpiece free of filler, and the fact that they have both male and female lead vocals keeps things interesting. The band incorporates a tasty dose of keyboards reminiscent of The Cars and plentiful bubblegum pop harmonies. “Keep Me Holding On” (video below) is one of the more rocking tracks, venturing close to Simple Plan. “I’m Feeling The Same Way” is a better representation of the jubilant pop this band does best. Other highlights include “Adamant”, “Your Love Keeps Bringing Me Down”, and the sublime “Baby’s Got A Secret”. If you are in the mood for something slower but no less melodic, try “I Fell For You”. Hands down one of the strongest records I've heard all year, especially the first two-thirds.

The WellingtonsOfficial site.

Check out the video for “Keep Me Holding On”:

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