Thursday, December 22, 2011

Review: The Cry “The Cry”

Hailing from Portland, OR, The Cry wears their influences on their sleeve. If you share their love for The Beach Boys, The Who, Nick Lowe and The Sweet, then you should love The Cry. With an album full of 12 songs that are no nonsense, short and to the point, the band is clearly aiming to craft a new set of 2 minute pop songs for the modern era. The Cry sounds like a 60s jangle pop rock band that just stepped out of a time machine. The vocals have a confidence and swagger about them that is very Rolling Stones, and the chord changes and do-wop harmonies are right out of the 50s songbook. More than just a throwback, The Cry is electrifying and they deliver a remarkably consistent effort on this record with no ballad to be found. It’s a little raw and terse, but that only helps them capture the vintage sound they’re after. And if you come upon a song you’re not crazy about…don’t worry, it will be over in just a couple more seconds! Standout tracks include “Sleeping Alone”, “I Think I’m In Love”, “Such A Bore”, and “Modern Cinderella”.

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