Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Review: The Jellybricks “Suckers” [EP]

There is good news and bad news surrounding the new release from powerpop outfit, The Jellybricks. The good news is that “Suckers” doesn’t suck at all, which leads me right to the bad news…it’s only an EP. The Jellybricks school wannabe powerpop musicians with these 7 tracks, but they are so good you’ll wish school was in session for another 7 more!

Nevertheless, let’s not discount the release or the band because of the brevity. “Suckers” might be classified as hard rock candy, as these tracks generally have more of an edge than previous Jellybricks fare. Take the crunchy riffs of “Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide” as an example – this opener is a stupendous song that has a lot of gusto but not at the expense of euphoric harmonies and a catchy chorus. “Their Own Way” coasts along a more familiar road for this band and is a simply gorgeous ode with words of wisdom. “Sold” boasts another round of intelligent lyrics with a shout out verse sandwiching a golden chorus swirling with harmony. “Dead End Girl” is the standout ballad, with melancholy melodies surrounding the biting lyrics. The EP concludes with the bonus track “Beryllium”, a cool track that edges into Blink-182 territory, and an acoustic version of an old favorite, “Who Is God 2011” (originally on the 1997 record “Kinky Boot Beast”).

“Suckers” is a tremendously enjoyable EP from a consistently great band – lick it up.

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