Monday, December 5, 2011

Classic melodic rock CD of the week

By Stephen Kasenda

ROXXI “Drive It To Ya Hard” (1990)

Not to be confused with Roxy Blue or Roxx Gang, this Boston-based quartet tried their luck at the glam scene at the early 90s with no knowledge that in just a couple years grunge would change everything. What’s interesting about this band is that they're signed to an indie label, but the songwriting quality and the sound production are very good - and they got a phenomenal guitar player. The bad thing is this disc has been out of print for too long and no one seems to care to reissue the disc, causing the market price to float to an unreasonably high level.

Roxxi's musical style is similar to White Lion meets Firehouse, but they have a metallic edge and sound heavier compared to both bands. There's a slight similarity with Roxy Blue or Heaven's Edge if you happen to know those bands. Grasseschi's vocals are quite good and he can even reach the peak notes like Rob Halford, but Sciammacco's phenomenal guitar playing steals the show.

There are too many fantastic tracks to list out but several unforgettable songs that stand up high are the title track. With its upbeat rhythm and catchy hooks, this song is perhaps their best moment on the entire album. "Wild Child" and "Take Me Down" have superb arrangements and killer solos. "Wasted Love" is a cool piano driven power ballad. "Searchin' For The Light" has a Dokken-ized riff and "Fire In My Heart" is clearly influenced by Poison…a great party anthem. Roxxi's one and only album, "Drive It To Ya Hard!" is a hidden treasure and a valuable gem if you can find one with a decent price. I just hope some label will reissue this album so it can be heard and owned by all glam fans as this is one hell of a record!

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