Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Review: Stella Kidd "Kiddnapped"

Hard rockers Stella Kidd are back with a new EP called "Kiddnapped", the follow up to their previous 2007 EP, "Contact High" (review here). "Kiddnapped" sees the band progressing and maturing - they are moving away from being mimics of their influences to finding a sound they can call their own. Case in point: the vocals supplied by lead singer Limy don't sound as overtly similar to the stylings of James Hetfield (Metallica). You will still hear references to Hetfield every now and then, but Limy clearly made an effort to carve out his own niche this time around.

With these six songs on "Kiddnapped", Stella Kidd reaffirms that old school hard rock can still sound fresh and exciting today. While the guitars and drums are thick and loud, the guys really strive to bring a melody out to make the songs memorable. The EP just gets better as it plays, with the latter half outshining the beginning. The tracks that exceed expectations and really stand out include the radio-friendly "Wonder" and the groovy closer, "All For Nothing". "All For Nothing" features a very catchy riff and choruses that are bolstered with some good harmony vocals. I also really enjoyed the more relaxed (more relaxed for Stella Kidd, anyway!) tune, "Self-control".

"Kiddnapped" is due to arrive April 3.

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