Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rare CD: Slash Puppet "Slash Puppet"

"SLASH PUPPET - S/T 1993 cd on SWEET LEAF records Canada, very rare and out of print. Cd is scratch free, mint condition. The jewel case, booklet and back liner are also in mint condition. This is melodic rock at its finest (ala Skid Row, Slik Toxik, Sven Gali etc.), with driving rhythm guitars, emotional solos, thundering drums, four on the floor bass, and a great singer to boot! Track listing is as follows;

1. When The Whip Comes Down
2. Rippin' On A Wishbone
3. Eyes Of A Child
4. Stop Telling Me Lies
5. Hitchin' A Ride (On A Train)
6. Slowdown"

Sold for $190.50 on ebay.


Anonymous said...


It was with great surprise that I even found this EP on Amazon. Not living too far outside Toronto, I first became aware of this band in early 1990 when I ordered their first demo tape from a magazine ad. I hadn't even heard a song, but they were touted as "the next big thing", so how could I resist owning it before anybody else?

Well, you know what happened next. Grunge took over, and the Toronto metal scene never exploded the way it was hoped. If it had, Slash Puppet would have been the band leading the charge. (With Winter Rose, I Mother Earth, Sven Gali, Russian Blue, Slik Toxik, Attitude, and so many others right behind...ahh, but I digress.)

This 1993 EP was their second release (the afformentioned demo tape is now available on CD as "No Strings Attached", on Sun City Records) and was solid from start to finish. The singer, Mif (you've seen him acting in the Norm McDonald movie Dirty Work!) has a soulful, gritty, and gravely voice that has elements of Brian Johnson and Lemmy, but sounds like neither. Really, Mif has his own voice, and you have to hear it to get it. The band were tight, emphasizing tough riffs, killer choruses, and great lyrics. No wimpy songs here. Even the sole ballad "Eyes Of A Child" isn't a wimp-out. Not with lyrics like those and a soulful delivery from Mif.

Track List:
"When The Whip Comes Down"
"Rippin' On A Wishbone"
"Eyes Of A Child"
"Hitch A Ride (On A Train)"
"Slowdown" (I believe this song is a remix with a new bass part, based on the credits. Peet Dove played bass on the original demo version but is not credited here, which leads me to believe the bass was re-recorded. Otherwise the song sounds almost identical to the demo version)

If you're into tough, glammy rock n' roll with great musicianship and songwriting, Slash Puppet are a band to check out. This EP just shines, but also don't miss out on "No Strings Attached" with more great songs like "Squeeze It In" and "Some Kinda Lady". If you're into collecting obscure albums from the era, or Canadian bands, this CD is an absolute must. Trust me. It may be brief, but it will whet your appetite for more.

Here's hoping Mif and the surviving members reunite for a few more songs or shows. I'll be there. (Canada)

Mike Ladano said...

Wow, that's my review. I don't know who is, but I wrote that.