Monday, March 8, 2010

Review: Jonathan Seet "The End Of The Beginning" [EP]

Canadian Jonathan Seet, one time bassist for Luke Jackson (review here), has released a new CD of arty Brit pop called "The End Of The Beginning". These 8 tracks make for a consistent listen and, along with his previous releases, lend support to his importance as an evolving songwriter.

The core songwriting themes explored on this EP are "redemption, re-invention, and the replenishing of innocence". With a voice somewhere between Dan Wilson (Semisonic) and David Mead, Seet is perfectly suited for sending these soothing melodies into your ears. "If The Last Kiss Made You Cry" is my favorite in the batch, but you are not doing yourself any favors by skipping over the somber title track and the epic "Down By The Bay", which builds slow to a hair-raising climax. "The Lost Week" is also a pleasant track, with acoustic guitars accompanied by keys from the 70s.

Seet will satiate fans of sophisticated pop with this one; those who need more instant gratification may not appreciate it until the third spin or so. Recommended if you like Radiohead, Elbow, or Travis. Note this is a digital only release - available on iTUNES.

Jonathan Seet on MySpace. Official site.

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