Monday, February 15, 2010

Review: Marc Robillard "Paper Airplanes" [EP]

Marc Robillard, a singer/songwriter from Canada now based in L.A., has a new reason to like Sunchips - they have recently used one of his new songs, "So Much More" in their TV ads (see it here). This little organic, laid back tune is helping his previous 2005 EP release, "Paper Airplanes" take flight once again.

The six songs on "Paper Airplanes" portray an artist focused on earnest lyrics and soft but sweet melodies. Fans who love the slower, somber soft pop and folk so popular in the coffeehouses are going to embrace Marc Robillard the most. His voice is deep and warm, floating up enough at times to bring Travis or Coldplay to mind. Actually, he has a lot in common with today's British soft pop. What strikes me is how he is able to maintain an air of hope despite the rather sullen tone in most of his music. Check out "The Pair" and "Blown Away".

Marc Robillard is a safe bet if you like Jack Johnson, Aqualung, or Damien Rice. Overall, a little too sleepy for me, but nice to play when you need a lullaby or want to watch an empty bag of Sunchips degrade. His new sophomore record should be coming out sometime this year. Until then, why not see if "Paper Airplanes" will hold you over?

Marc Robillard on MySpace. Official site.

Get "Paper Airplanes". Get "So Much More"

Check out the video for "Butterscotch High":

Marc Robillard - Butterscotch High

Marc Robillard | MySpace Music Videos

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