Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Review: Baby Scream "Identity Theft" [EP]

Baby Scream was formed in 2001 by Juan Mazzola in Argentina, although currently they are based in London. Sometimes Baby Scream is a solo project, sometimes an acoustic duo with Cristian Basualdo, and sometimes a full-blown electric act. By and large, "Identity Theft" focuses on the more stripped down, acoustic side of Baby Scream.

Mazzola's influences come out front and center: there is clear love for John Lennon, Teenage Fanclub, Radiohead, and Britpop. Similar to its predecessor, "Ups and Downs", "Identity Theft" is a pretty easygoing affair. The seven songs on this EP won't necessarily put you to sleep, but they aren't going to jolt you out of your chair either. They are short and sweet, but offer little to stand out in the crowd. Mazzola's voice is capable, and his breathy delivery works well against the acoustic guitars and other sparse instrumentation. If you dig relaxing, soft pop with subtle melodies, Baby Scream has its charms.

I recommended Baby Scream if you enjoy Julian Lennon, Michael Penn, or the acoustic side of Teenage Fanclub.

Baby Scream on MySpace. Official site.

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