Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Review: Gills and Wings "Gills and Wings" [EP]

Gills and Wings - sounds like the title of a lecture in an Evolutionary Biology course. But this Gills and Wings is a "theatrical pop rock quintet" hoping to soar to great heights with their new self-titled, five track EP. You may have heard some of their stuff on MTV’s The Real World, but for most of you this will be your first taste of Gills and Wings.

It doesn't take too long into this EP before you realize that the guys in this band are loaded to the gills with talent. Everything from the musicianship to the vocals to the lyrics just screams "we got it and we know it". The band is: Danny Reyes (vocals), Santiago De La Fuente (vocals, piano), Alex McCallum (guitar), Matt Hulcher (bass), and Andrew Hackett (drums). These boys have an excellent chemistry, making it sound easy to whip up majestic melodies around their cogent lyrical themes. Reyes has one of those voices that gracefully glides into falsetto and back again, yet retains enough of a rock edge to earn broad appeal.

My favorite tracks in this set are the first two tunes, the brilliant "Rebirth Of A Nation" and "Catastrophe". Gills and Wings take the best of Keane and Mêlée, mix in a little Queen, and give us a fresh sound that is compelling and full of intrigue.

Gills and Wings on MySpace. Official site.

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Anonymous said...

Heard them on MTV Real World DC last night. They sounded really great! Will be downloading the full songs today...