Sunday, February 21, 2010

Review: The Brigadier "The Edge of Spring" [EP]

Our good friend The Brigadier, a UK-based pop singer/songwriter also known as Matt Williams, is back with yet another EP release. If anything, The Brigadier once again cements a reputation as being one of the most prolific songwriters around. You can read our past reviews of some of his releases here.

Instead of charging out of the gate with an infectious rocker, this time around The Brigadier sets a more sober stage with the gentle acoustic opener, "Song For A New Year". His strumming is pleasant and voice like an old familiar friend. The EP continues to build on the seasonal theme, as suggested by the title, and is very effective at conveying that winter blues feeling while keeping hope for a brighter spring. Two timely offerings include "Valentine's Day" and "February", which then melt into the atmospheric "The Last Day of Winter" and a rewarding closer, "She Brings The Spring". The brief quirky instrumental "Saint David's Day" connects the two periods. Devout fans of The Brigadier will no doubt enjoy this EP, but I do not find myself connecting with it as immediately as his preceding efforts. My favorites include "Song For A New Year" and "She Brings The Spring", but the tracks in-between just left me cold.

This EP is only available as a digital download - you can grab it at the official web site below.

The Brigadier on MySpace. Official site.

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