Friday, November 19, 2010

Review: White Buffalo “Prepare For Black and Blue” [EP]

The White Buffalo is a sight and voice to behold. The towering bearded man looks more like a lumberjack than a singer/songwriter, but this gentle giant skillfully weaves heartfelt lyrics into a cozy blanket of sound. It doesn’t take long to realize this guy has lived through the stories he tells in his songs. The White Buffalo’s latest EP, “Prepare for Black and Blue”, consists of five songs of just acoustic guitar and vocals. But honestly, that is all The White Buffalo needs to leave a lasting impression.

There isn’t a bad track in the bunch, and since they are all acoustic driven, the EP is wonderfully cohesive. “Love Song #2” (video below) is a great introduction to White Buffalo that will leave you salivating for more. Earnest words, beautifully sung against a backdrop of crisp fingerpicking, will have you hitting the repeat button soon after the song is done. But if you manage to move on, you’ll find this song is followed by another winner in “Oh Darling”, a more upbeat but haunting tune that sticks fast. Another instant favorite of mine is “Into The Sun”, which not only showcases White Buffalo’s talent for melody, but also his strong and vibrant voice.

It is truly amazing what this guy can do with so little. Part Cat Stevens, Johnny Cash, and Bob Dylan, The White Buffalo is an endangered species – let’s hope he gets the attention he deserves.

White Buffalo on MySpace. Official site.

Check the video for “Love Song #2”:

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