Monday, November 29, 2010

Review: Ned Brower “Great To Say Hello”

Most of us know Ned Brower as the drummer and a vocalist for one of our favorite power pop bands, Rooney (see reviews here). Brower also has some modeling and acting credits under his belt (Big Fat Liar, Dawson’s Creek, Not Another Teen Movie), and now the multitasker is testing the waters with a solo record.

Brower’s debut record, ““Great To Say Hello”, was produced by none other than pop maestro Mike Viola, who put his indelible stamp on many of these songs. There are plenty of catchy hooks and ear pleasing harmonies to go around, more than enough to satiate any fan of Rooney, but Brower injected enough of himself into the record to make it a clear standout from Rooney material. In general, the record is peppy and bright, like the cover art. “Underneath Your Spell” is a sublime classic pop gem with a hint of 70s bubblegum flavor. You’ll fall in love with its bouncy melody and the warm and fuzzy harmonies. Other pop rocking highlights include “Hide Your Secrets Away” and “The Alleyway”. “Mine and Mine Alone” is also a standout, breaking up the stream of power pop with a funky groove and juicy chorus that will win you over in a heartbeat. I’m also a sucker for father-son tunes, so have to give props to “Father To Son”.

Given the outstanding solo albums from Taylor Locke and now Brower, it gives us a greater appreciation of the massive talent tied up in Rooney. Lucky for us fans of power pop, this abundance of talent can be dealt out in more than one venue.

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Listen to “Underneath Your Spell”

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