Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rare Trax - Bricklin "Fear of Life"

Every Saturday at BMF we present rare or deep tracks from my collection for your listening pleasure, or perhaps for your amusement!

This week’s track is by Bricklin from their self-titled debut album. This underrated 80s band had a great pop rock sound and even landed a song on the soundtrack to Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. The brothers Bricklin later became Martin's Dam and released a couple great CDs under that name.

Listen to "Fear of Life"


Real Gone said...


Apparently there are 3 CDs worth of Bricklin demos and off-cuts doing the rounds somewhere.

Ever hear either of the Martin's Dam discs?

Bill's Music Forum said...

Cool - I didn't know that. I would love to hear those CDs of demos, etc. I do have the two excellent CDs by Martin's Dam (I used to live in Philly and even jammed with Scott and Brian one night). Scott also did a project with other Philly music stars called "4 Way Street".