Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Review: Chasing Kings "The Current State of Our Future" [EP]

Attention fans of sophisticated pop: Chasing Kings has a new EP called "The Current State of Our Future" that you need to check out. The young gentlemen making up this outfit include Drew Beck (guitar/vocals), Mike Gold (bass/vocals), Nick Sandler (drums) and Matt Schwartz (vocals/keyboards/guitar). Their talents have attracted the producer Tony Berg, who has worked with Phantom Planet and Mellowdrone. Berg adds a polished sheen to this strong group of songs that catapults them to the next level, giving the EP a very professional sound.

Right out of the gate, "The Current State of Our Future" engages the listener with a haunting build-up that climaxes with the pop charm of "Empathy". The vocals are smokey and soulful, effortlessly singing lyrics that are intriguing and smart. The next song is the title track and it is a blissful, horn-laced gem with its hook in the backing vocals - there's also a terrific acoustic interlude. The third highlight in this six pack is the infectious "Dark Sunglasses", which you can sample below via video.

I highly recommended you give Chasing Kings the royal treatment if you enjoy the likes of Josh Fix, The Fray, or the more energetic side of Coldplay.

iPOD-worthy: 1, 2, 5

Chasing Kings on MySpace.

Check out the video for "Dark Sunglasses" - it will make you 'hungry' for more:

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