Friday, December 18, 2009

Rare CD: Glasshouse "Glasshouse"

"Here's another nearly impossible to find AOR gem for you.
GLASSHOUSE are from Germany and they released this CD (their only one) in 1992 as a private pressing in very very limited quantities. It took me years, to get this copy even here in Germany!
Musically GLASSHOUSE go the same way RESCUE, JOJO and SEASONS IN COLOR already did, that means perfect arranged AOR with a excellent mix of keyboards and guitars, catchy hooklines that make you sing along with and a very good production.
Some songs are real AOR killers, like the opener "Don't Turn Your Back On Me" or the rocking "Keep On Running" that both reminds me of RESCUE meets JOJO and some songs are great mood lifting Westcoast tunes that come along like a mix of TOTO and SEASONS IN COLOR.
Check out for example the mighty "I Want More" that pleases with a huge chorus and great saxofon fills here and there.
I promise you that every single song is a little highlight. There's no boring second to be found!
By the way Singer Stefan Schneider has a fantastic, smoky voice that fits perfect to the cool songs and the musicianship of the other band members is simply excellent. For example guitarist Andreas Pfeil plays some smoking and unbelievable solos.

If you are looking for some MEGA RARE Indie AOR piece, in very good condition and full of killer songs, you must go for this baby!"

Sold for $153.50 on ebay (16 bids)

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