Saturday, December 12, 2009

Review: Ben Montague "Sampler" [EP]

Ben Montague’s feisty debut single "Can’t Hold Me Down" was recently playlisted on Radio 2 in the UK for an impressive five weeks. It is an infectious song with a delightfully sunny and bouncy groove, reminiscent of late 70s/80s Elton John. He has a new single out now called "Rainy Day" that should continue his momentum in the UK and also get this talented artist some attention in the US as well.

The five track sampler I received included the following: 1. Rainy Day, 2. Weight of Love, 3. Yeah Yeah Yeah, 4. Haunted, and 5. Can't Hold Me Down. Each track is an textbook example of what the perfect melodic pop rock song should be. "Rainy Day" is a standout and superb choice for a single as it has the most cross-over potential, appealing to AOR fans as well as fans of new gen pop rockers like Maroon 5. "Rainy Day" has a great acoustic base covered in layers of driving electric guitar and glistening piano, topped off with an emotive vocal performance from Montague. The other four tracks are also excellent, a great mix of upbeat, feel-good tunes and majestic ballads in the vibe of Gavin DeGraw.

Based on this sampler, Ben Montague is definitely one artist I will keep a keen eye on in 2010. His album will feature contributions from the likes of Simple Minds, Gary Barlow producer Peter-John Vetesse, guitar from Genesis legend Mike Rutherford, the song writing talents behind Kylie, Westlife collaborator Cliff Masterson and Bon Jovi mixer Dave Bascombe.

You can get "Rainy Day" on iTUNES right now - click here.

Ben Montague on MySpace. Official site.

Check out the music video for "Haunted":

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