Thursday, January 17, 2013

Review: Golden Bloom “No Day Like Today” [EP]

Indie rock

Shawn Fogel operated under the Golden Bloom moniker to release his first two records, the full-length “Fan The Flames” in 2009 (review here) and the EP “March To The Drums” in 2011. A solo act in the beginning, Golden Bloom has now adopted several multi-instrumentalists to become a full-fledged band. Enticed by the energy of the group, Fogel soon realized he wanted to apply the “live band vibe” to the writing and recording of his new EP, “No Day Like Today”.

The five songs on this EP carry on the fine tradition that Fogel started as a solo act, so you are getting high quality musicianship, well-crafted melodies, and sharp lyrics that “explore thorny emotions with keen insight and understanding”. The introductory tune, “Flying Mountain”, is classic Golden Bloom, shimmering with sparking guitar and a crisp rhythm. “Deliver It For Me” may very well be one of the most soothing songs of 2013, perfectly honed to match the easygoing vocals of Fogel. “Shadow Of A Man” is another highlight, with its propelling shuffle beat and charming style giving you the urge to move.

Like hot cocoa on a chilly day, Golden Bloom warms the heart, but their music also feeds the brain. Golden Bloom will be touring to support the new EP through 2013 – be sure to catch them out on the road!

Golden Bloom – Official site.

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