Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Review: Alex Vans “DJ Booth”

Indie rock

D.C.-based artist Alex Vans began his musical career performing as an acoustic singer/songwriter and has two critically acclaimed EPs under his belt already. Inspired by the guitar-driven pop and socially conscious lyrics of Bob Mould, “DJ Booth” takes things in a markedly different direction. Armed with a full backing band, the tunes gracing this full-length record resonate with energy. Regarding the themes explored by Vans on this release, he comments that “a lot of the content reflects my struggle to understand the irrational and fickle nature of pop-culture”.

Vans seems to go out of his way to make each song sound different than the one before, so the record can sound a little schizophrenic listened to as a whole. Adventurous music fans will enjoy this aspect of “DJ Booth”, but I contend that there is something here to appeal to fans of all musical genres. The first single “Chase The Night’ is a pulsating rock tune that makes your feet want to move, no matter how bad a dancer you may be. But don’t be misled – this style is not what every track sounds like. “Wait” is another highlight that leans much further toward the pop end of the spectrum, with a bouncy rhythm complete with bubble gum harmonies. The opener, “Good Enough”, combines gritty and fuzzy guitars with a smooth indie pop beat. “Saints” goes back to his acoustic roots but injects a healthy dose of rockabilly. Similarly, the rocking “Someone” is a delicious combination of roadhouse and indie rock.

“DJ Booth” came out January 8, 2013.

Alex Vans – Official site.

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