Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Review: October Rage “Outrage”

Modern rock

October Rage was formed by brothers Nick and William Roberts in 2008. Based in New South Wales in Australia, this modern rock band is poised to take the globe by storm.

In September 2009 the band headed to Melbourne to track their debut single, "Silver Line" with world renowned producer Adrian Hannan (The Androids, Taxiride, etc). The single was mastered by Martin Pullan (Deep Purple, Split Enz, Jimmy Barnes) at Edensound Studio. Soon after, the band won a contest that allowed them to open for Bon Jovi in Sydney, Australia on the band's "Circle Tour." In September 2010 the band recorded more with Hannan to complete their debut album "Outrage”.

“Outrage” is one impressive debut record. Nearly every cut slams meaty riffs and driving rhythm into your ears, with each song leaving you eager to hear another. The vocals are perfect for modern rock, reminding me of Saliva or Daughtry at times. But October Rage is not all about bombast – these guys write with hooks and melody in mind, building compelling verses that erupt into arena-styled choruses. The band also isn’t all about the rage so to speak, as they can belt out acoustic based rockers and power ballads like nobody’s business. I enjoyed just about everything here, but standouts include the blistering “Set You Free”, “Wayside”, “Home”, and the radio-friendly single “Silverline”. On the slower side, check out “Into The Night” and “Under The Wind”. 

In June 2012, October Rage headed to the US, supporting acts like Saliva, Steel Panther, and Sevendust. Fans of modern hard rock are doing themselves a disservice if they aren’t checking out October Rage. “Outrage” is one of the best debuts in the genre.

October Rage – Official site.

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