Thursday, December 6, 2012

Review: Jakob Samuel “Pastpresent”

Pop rock

Jakob Samuel supplies the powerful vocals for the Swedish hard rock band called The Poodles (review here). He is doing his own thing for the first time, calling his debut solo record “Pastpresent”. “Pastpresent” is much tamer than his work with The Poodles, featuring poppy keyboards, sax, and sappier lyrics. But the melodies are the gorgeous and, considered with his emotive vocals, “Pastpresent” is going to thrill fans of lighter pop rock.

“Stars and Grace” is a sweeping and uplifting number in the vein of Robbie Williams’ best work, a brilliant song from father to child. “Carry On” is equally satisfying, and its blend of Jellyfish and ABBA influences make it one of my favorites on the record. “Even If” is another bouncy piano-driven tune sure to lift your spirits. You’ll hear some Supertramp coming through on the soothing tune “Together”. The carnival atmosphere and memorable chorus makes “Vagabond Shows” a fun listen too. Some of the other songs take a little longer to show their charms, and others sound dreadfully dated.

Probably not a record for most Poodles fans, but if you appreciate thoughtful, catchy songs, there are more than a few winners on “Pastpresent”.

Jakob Samuel – Official site.

Check out the video for “Stars and Grace”

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