Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Review: Origami Hologram “Bats In The Attic” [EP]

Justin Kline, the powerpop artist who impressed us with his 2010 EP, “Triangle” (reviewed here) is back with a new sound in the form of an outfit called Origami Hologram. While Kline’s sweet and savory vocals are still recognizable, his signature sound has taken on more of a grungy edge. The guitars are fuzzier, and the production is raw, but Kline’s crafty hooks and vocal tone still work in this context. I’d liken it a bit more to Weezer or Teenage Fanclub.

“Bats In The Attic” features four songs, with my favorite being the most melodic one in the bunch: “Ghost Horse”. The title track is also a highlight, and serves as a proper introduction to Kline’s new sonic direction. Staccato guitars pierce through the verses and lead us into a satisfyingly catchy chorus. “Orange Tree” is another enticing song that follows a similar formula. The only throwaway is the aimless noise of “Cat Fight”.

It costs nothing to try them out – download the new EP from Origami Hologram for free here.

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