Monday, February 27, 2012

Melodic rock CD of the week

By Stephen Kasenda

TWISTED SISTER “Love Is For Suckers” (1987)

If there's something bad in the mind of TWISTED SISTER's fans regarding this album (apart from the difference in style compared to their earlier albums), it’s that two days after its release Dee Snider announced that he's no longer a part of the band. Beau Hill was behind the production desk and at first, “Love Is For Suckers” was intended to be Dee's solo album - but the label scraped the idea and asked them to release it under the TWISTED SISTER brand.

Considering that 1986 was a year full of commercial hits from fellow glam bands, this album tried to adapt to that climate, producing several songs that had potential for airplay such as 'Hot Love', the title track, 'Tonight', and the ballad, 'You're All That I Need'. I understand if some fans didn't like this at all, because they expected the band to keep playing the raw and wicked hard rock like the old days, but I'm one of the few who enjoyed it a lot.

'Me And The Boys' is another fun track: sounds like an anthem, and even though slightly sloppy at the chorus, this is truly a strong track. 'One Bad Habit' is addictive and as great as 'Hot Love' - these two are the best on this album. 'Yeah Right' is probably the worst filler…if only they replaced it with a better song. Having the remastered version is nice, especially for the four bonus tracks alone.

Beware that if you prefer the olden days, this might not suitable for you; otherwise, it's a solid underrated album and I think deserves a score of 80%.

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