Monday, July 26, 2010

Rare CD: SAFIRE “Safire”

"SAFIRE “Safire” CD. Self-released by the band 1995/6 tracks. Superspecial aussie MELODIC HARD ROCK indie cd released independently by the band in 1995 in very limited number. In my opinion one of the top 10 MHR indies ever released, ideal for fans of ultra melodic hard rock similar to HotBoy, Touris, Xavier, Friction, Sinnocence, Ship of Dreams and Adrian Dodz. Very catchy album with a powerful voice, marvellous choruses, tremendous guitar/bass work, excelent drums, nice keyboards, and an amazing production for an indie. Absolutely recommended, an obligatory item to any good collection. Very rare cd!!"

Sold for $167.50 on ebay.

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