Wednesday, July 28, 2010

News: Help Bleu with his new CD "Four"

Bleu (reviewed here) is preparing his latest CD, "Four". You can go check out cool album previews, pre-order the CD, and donate to its cause here at the Kickstarter campaign. Check it out today and help make what promises to be another milestone in pop rock music come to light.



...thank you so much for visiting my Kickstarter page...i've been working hard on my new record "FOUR" for several years now and i'm oh-so-very psyched to finally get it out in to the worLd....

..the duckets that you donate here will not only get you a whole slew-mess of neato (mosquito) stuff, offering you the best of my (only) talents (such new CD!, a concert in your home, songwriting, dinner cooked by me, or even a full recording-session), your support will allow me to distribute my new record "FOUR" and work with PR companies that can help my music reach more people like you..which will in-turn allow me to make mOre records, mOre often...

....every bit of your contributions will go directly to the distribution and promotion of this record (even the tiniest donations help...)...but if i don't reach my modest goal, the Kickstarter-program doesn't disperse any of the please, give what you can, so that we can, do, what we, cAN!....(and please help me spread the word to your family and friends who like music!) guys have given me so much over the years..honestly..i would probably not still be making solo-records if it wasn't for all the love and support you've thrown my truly means the worLd to me...i think this is a really exciting time to be making records for, and releasing records directly like Kickstarter will allow us to collaborate, and work towards a common goal...

..i thank you from the deepest-bottom of my weird little heart for sticking with me, and joining me on this wonderful journey....


p.s. this is indeed my dad...and me...when i was 4:

LISTEN to most of "Four" on SoundCloud

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