Sunday, August 16, 2009

Review: Warren Charles "When Chandeliers Sway"

Warren Charles is W. Peter Jacobson and C. Lucas Jacobson, a brotherly duo that can really tickle the ivories, along with your senses. Their 2009 effort, "When Chandeliers Sway", oscillates between jazz and funk, but is firmly attached to a ceiling of pop rock.

Immediately, you'll almost mistake the indie pop charm of some of these piano-driven tunes for Ben Folds or Barenaked Ladies, while the album closer "About a Week" sounds a lot like late 70s songsmith Rupert Holmes. Vocally, these guys are very good and liberal with their tight harmonies, and are solid lyrical scribes. The music is a bit eclectic at times, and some songs have parts that are quite disjointed; while this makes it a bit less accessible, it does keep things intriguing. Highlights include the smart and sharp opener, "Standing in my Way", complete with horns and a groovy vibe that makes it impossible to resist nodding along to the beat, and the equally infectious "Enter the Break". My favorite track is the rare moment they slow things down with "You Don't Know Me", which incidentally reveals the duo's cross-over potential into mainstream pop.

I recommend Warren Charles if you are a fan of Ben Folds, Barenaked Ladies, or Bruce Hornsby. Warren Charles delights with some of the best and varied piano-based rock you'll find today.

iPOD-worthy: 1, 6, 9

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